Liberty and justice for all some…

How did we get here?

The History School helps children think critically about our past so they can transform tomorrow.

At The History School, we believe…

Learning inspires action.

When children understand how our world was shaped by historical events and values, they are inspired to work on pressing social justice issues.

Our asynchronous courses center on sometimes controversial areas of U.S. history, including Indigenous and African American experiences, immigration, and environmental activism.

While these crucial histories and perspectives are being erased from many schools, we’re ensuring they will still be shared — one student at a time.

In each of our courses, you’ll find…

Parent-Led Learning

Our easy-to-follow courses keep you one step ahead of your child. You can guide them through each lesson while learning alongside.

Carefully Curated Content

The History School centers on marginalized histories local schools may refuse to teach. We’ve curated exceptional books and videos to accompany our teaching materials
for high-impact learning.

Engaged Education

Our lessons engage children in real-world topics and hands-on expressions of learning. We encourage your child to create poems, podcasts, and other projects
throughout our courses.

Inspiration for Action

The History School provides historical context for current social justice issues. We’ll connect you and your child with nonprofit groups that invite kids to be part of real solutions.

What people are saying

Each foundational course includes:

  • Guided teaching instructions for parents
  • Direct access to recommended videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Reading lists & links for learning materials –
    books and external materials must be
    purchased separately from your course

Deep Dives

For our children to one day speak truth to power, they must first learn to seek truth.

Historical thinkers are critical thinkers.
In 2024, the History School will introduce
Deep Dive mini-courses.  Deep Dives focus on analysis and interpretation, to help children develop critical thinking skills.

Foundational courses, deep dives, and social justice connections…THS inspires children to imagine, and work toward,
a better future.  

Piloted & Proven 

The History School is based on Bringing History Home, an acclaimed curriculum backed by 20 years of successful use in public elementary schools. One of the world’s largest studies of K-5 history learning, conducted by The University of Iowa, determined the BHH curriculum was impactful and learning was highly significant. 

Meet our Founder

Elise Fillpot, Ph.D., has been designing curriculum, coaching K-12 teachers, and teaching at the collegiate level for over 25 years. She founded the landmark K-5 Bringing History Home project and directed its development for 11 years.

What do elementary teachers say about Elise’s programs?  

“a wonderful way to teach history!”
“this program is so valuable and important for students to engage in”
“I am really excited about this program and its importance”
“the best social studies curriculum I have taught in 25 years of teaching”